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Here at Control-X, we believe in offering the best quality equipment to our customer so they can perform the best quality medical service.


ZooMax 325 I HF High Frequency Generator

  • 20 kW generator, 25-300 mA range and 40-125 kV range.
  • Microprocessor control delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.
  • 24 APR Control console mounted to tubestand for easy use and accessibility.
  • Outstanding linearity, low ripple
  • Easy-to-use flat surface control panel
  • Operates as a 3-factor technique selection generator (kVp, mA, Time) with mAs operation selectable by operator. KVp can be varied in 1 kVp steps from 40-125 kVp
  • Wide range of selectable exposure times for easy parameter selection and flexibility
  • Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces the onsite procedure time
  • Reduced x-ray dose as compared to traditional generator systems equals patient safety
  • Faster procedures due to improved x-ray imaging techniques means more throughput
  • Consistent image quality using the optional AEC
  • Automatic tube protection and interlocks are all standard features

VTS 02 Variable SID Tubestand

  • Variable SID tubestand with 40" longitudinal travel alongside the table.
  • Electrical locks for vertical positioning
  • 360 tube rotation with electric locks
  • Very quite, "Easy-glide" effortless operation with special bearing systems
  • Dual rope counterbalancing system for maximum security
  • Tube Port Mount for x-ray tube. Trunnion rings are available options.

X-ray Tube

  • 140 kHU 1.0-2.0 mm focal spots, 90 horns, standard 20' H.V. cables

Collimator System

  • CX-MC-150 non certified manual collimator

VFX60 Stationary Radiographic Table

  • 60"x 28" stationary radiographic table with grid cabinet, tray and grid.
  • Heavy duty structure, rated at 500-lb. patient load
  • <0.85 mm Al equivalent filter (longer lengths are available)
  • Heavy-duty grid cabinet with heavy-duty stainless steel tray and 103 LPI 10:1 grid.

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